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Ask me anything   So there's this man and he travels in a box, a blue box. Who comes from a time of myth and deduces the crimes of the wicked. He was the boy who lived and he never wanted to grow old, sometimes when he was in a crowded street he would scream "caw, caw motherfuckers." He never missed his shot, because he knew what would happen if he did, and while every once and a while he felt lost, he knew that he always had that one true friend. He lost a lot to get to where he is now, but those looses make him more the hero. He lived off of coffee and alcohol, but coffee was his life blood in the end. Coffee.....Man I could go for some coffee right now.
{ The Avengers }
{ The Avengers }
{ The Avengers }

    "Everyone wants to be Batman, but everyone should be Captain America."
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our favorite Marvellous Raccoons
… someone should probably kick me out of this fandom, but today is not the day! 

I couldn’t resist… available now on SOCIETY6!



    our favorite Marvellous Raccoons

    … someone should probably kick me out of this fandom, but today is not the day! 

    I couldn’t resist… available now on SOCIETY6!


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    Bucky Barnes is the kind of friend who would draw a dick on Steve’s face if he passed out at a party but if anyone else drew a dick on Steve’s face when he passed out at a party Bucky Barnes would hunt them down and fuck them up.

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    Marvel Cinematic Universe known Working Titles.

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    can we just take a second to talk about robet’s chair? i’m laughing so hard i can’t

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    Fangirl Challenge
    ↳ [2/10] Male Characters: Clint Barton

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    "Don’t you think it would be cool if Falcon was also in Avengers 2?"

    I would dance the dance of joy.  I would dance the goddamn Mamushka.  I would DO A JIG on top of Mount Coot-tha while wearing some kind of home-made Falcon t-shirt.

    I’m just saying.

    I want Steve to just show up at Avengers Tower like, “He comes with me.”

    And Tony is just kind of like, “Okay, sure,” because he’s heard about Sam from Hill, and so Sam ends up on Steve’s floor in another apartment, and when Tony realizes that Sam’s wings came from Stark Industries he spends a few days mechanically Bedazzling the fuck out of them, while Sam and Tony debate the merits of classic rock versus R&B.

    (And then there’s the time Cap shows up with Bucky and says, “He also comes with me,” and Tony just sort of sighs and hands him keys to that other apartment on Steve’s floor, because he’s quickly learned that some Avengers have a bad habit of bringing home other superpowered freaks like they’re lost puppies or something, like that time Clint showed up with a brunette and a dog and didn’t even bother to ask for keys to the other apartment on his floor, just picked the lock instead.)

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    steve rogers is american the way ‘born in the usa’ is american: realistic and open-eyed and unflinching in the way he regards his country, aware of its flaws and willing to critique them, always on the side of the underdog and the left behind, and often fundamentally misunderstood by the right because of some well-placed stars and stripes.

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    Anonymous asked: I read your Winter Soldier analysis, and I have a question : you say that "There’s a reason his code name is drawn from an investigation into one of the ugliest chapters of American history." Please help a non-American understand what you meant? I mean I obviously see the Cold War reference in the movie, but from what you've written it seems like something more subtle *within* the Cold War... shit, I mean just "Cold War" seems too evident and I can't find the deeper meaning?



    Oh gosh, don’t feel bad, there are plenty of Americans who have never even heard of this.

    The Winter Soldier Investigation was a 1971 veteran-organized media event intended to draw attention to the war crimes that had taken place in Vietnam. Directly inspired by the exposure of the My Lai Massacre (the mass murder of over five hundred unarmed civilians by American troops) in 1969, Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) brought together discharged servicemen from every branch of the military to discuss the atrocities they had seen and committed during their time in the war. They hoped bring these tragedies before the public eye, and to prove that American military policies led directly to the death and torment of civilians. Eventually a transcript from this conference made its way before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the Fullbright Hearings.  

    When Ed Brubaker, the author who wrote the original Winter Soldier arc, chose the name, he wanted something that would call up both cold Siberian winters and the atrocities of war. This fit the bill.

    But the term itself, the idea of “winter soldiers”, was coined by VVAW as a response to the writings of Thomas Paine, who described the men who deserted at Valley Forge during the American Revolution:

    These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country, but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

    A winter soldier is someone who will warm their hands over a meager fire and weather the cold. Someone who refuses to abandon their country and its potential, no matter what the personal cost.

    So how’s that for a weird little twist? According to Thomas Paine—activist, political philosopher, and revolutionary—the real winter soldier is Captain America.

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